What are Power Talks?

Power Talks were established in June 2012 under the Youth Dialogue focus area.

The programme aims to spark reflective and solution-orientated discussions among the youth, a platform to collaboratively produce leadership thought. These dialogues shall be viewed as the first phase of providing the youth with consciousness of societal dynamics.

This programme features a series of dialogue events and online distributed commentaries on societal issues that needs the intervention of the youth.

What happens during Power Talks?

We host dialogue youth events  in communities, schools and universities – with each session addressed by a guest topic expert. Our sessions include panel discussions and debates, the events are hosted in partnership with the government and private sector partners.
Topics discussed include youth leadership in business, communities, government, school and civic organisations.

The Future of Power Talks?

To be one of the leading platforms and youth conferences for the youth to meet and discuss burning issues.

The sessions shall allow various youth leaders of different campaigns to better showcase their campaign objectives and gain support.

How to Receive Weekly Power Talks on your E-Mail

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