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Have you ever been told that you’ll never succeed or amount to anything in life? And did you believe it?

Reality is that, there are people in this world who try by all means to demotivate us with their negative statements or those who are try to destroy us by being negative in whatever we want to do or achieve. They think that they know us or can predict our lives.  It is sad that some of us are not living the lives we desire to live because we have listened and believed these negative people.

The truth is that, the only person who completely knows you is God Almighty (your Creator). He knows everything about you, your dreams, vision and purpose. He knows all that you’ll come across in life, the setbacks, the pain, the challenges, the good times and all that you’ll go through before you arrive to the future He has prepared for you. But worry not for He will be with you all the time.

He said: “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I blessed you.” Jeremiah 1:5

Why do you believe what people say about you and your life over God who created you?
He formed and blessed you. He says with Him all things shall be possible in your life but you choose to believe people who says, nothing shall be possible in your life. Why?

Your days have been recorded before you were even born by God who created you for a reason with a purpose to fulfil. He has plans and greater things in store for you. Why then do you believe what people say about you and your life over what God who created you says about you (His beloved Child)?

Don’t let what others say to you destroy your vision.
Don’t let their words hold you back in life.
Don’t let the negativity they spread about you pull you down.
Don’t let their small thinking grab your attention.
Stop believing people who knows nothing about you over God who knows everything about you.

I wish you a blessed day and productive week. May all your plans and dreams come true.

Tshepang Pule

Irish Tshepang "PuleSir" Pule is a thought leader, creative and inspirational writer. A passionate and dedicated leader in youth and community development with a personal vision to "inspire people to live their lives to the fullest by using their talents, skills, creative and innovative minds."