Welcome to Agape Youth Movement (AYM)

Agape Youth Movement (AYM) is an award-winning and innovative youth-led organisation in South Africa, with a vision for a capacitated and empowered youth who contribute towards the transformation of Africa. AYM has a focus on Youth and Learner Leadership Development.

Over the years, the organisation has demonstrated a successful implementation of active citizenry and educational programmes aligned with its vision and mission. Since 2009, AYM has conducted community based interventions in partnership with government and private sector.

Agape Youth Movement NPC is a proudly black-owned South African Non-Profit Company (NPC) and a Level 1 BB-BEE contributor registered under Section 21 of the Companies Act, 2008.

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Youth Leadership
Training and Capacity Building
Youth Entrepreneurship Development
Digital Engagement
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Our Vision, Value Statement & Overall Goal

Our Vision

We strive for a capacitated and empowered youth who participate in the positive transformation of Africa.

Value Statement

Agape Youth Movement derived its origins from the teachings of the Christian faith. It is however, in its approach, non-religious, non-sexist, non-racist, and does not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, culture and ability.

Overall Goal

Youth are capacitated, empowered and aware of their potential to deal with their own challenges and those of broader society; contributing to positive transformation in South Africa.

Strategic Objectives

Objective 1

Provide youth leadership skills and capacity for youth to engage meaningfully with societal issues and provide their own innovative solutions, especially in schools.

Objective 2

Disseminate information crucial to the personal development of the youth via various platforms.

Objective 3

Provide, with partners, a peer support and mentorship platform for youth-based organisations and institutions.

Mission Statement

We are a youth-led organisation implementing programmes aimed at previously disadvantaged youth in South African townships and rural areas. Our programmes seek to capacitate and empower the youth with relevant skills using innovative tools. We do this by;

  • Making youth aware of their own potential and the role they can play in transforming society for the better;
  • Provide youth leadership skills and capacitate the youth to engage meaningfully with societal issues and devise their own solutions.
  • Provide structured support to the capacitated youth leaders in their endeavours;
  • Facilitate mutual support and mentoring of youth-based organisations.

Our Core Values

Agape Youth Movement subscribes to the following values:

  • Equality
  • Quality
  • Inclusiveness
  • Unity
  • Participation
  • Transparency

Motto of the organisation is titled “The Move Is On”. This is to signify the powerful movement of young people across Southern Africa to create impact-driven initiatives which will encourage active citizenry. These young people are called “Agents of Change”.