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Many times when you come across demotivated, depressed and stressed people or when you come across people who have been struggling and suffering for a long time, maybe with sickness or unemployment, when you start telling them about God and how great He is, some of them will ask you, where is God when I am suffering like this, why is He not helping me, why has He abandoned me?

Truth be told, God has not abandoned you for He said in His word that, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” He is faithful to His word, when He says He will do something, trust Him for He will surely do it. Being in the situation you’re in doesn’t mean God doesn’t care about you, it doesn’t mean He has abandoned you. He has His reasons why, He has a purpose to fulfil in your life with all that you’re going through. Learn to have faith in Him, to trust Him and to be still knowing that He is God who can do exceedingly abundantly above all that you asked for.

It’s challenging, it’s painful, it’s disappointing but let it not separate you with God, let it not destroy your faith but rather let it help you grow closer to God.

God is able, don’t stop trusting Him just because your life is challenging and complicated.
Don’t give up praying just because you feel like you’ve been praying for a long time and God is not answering you.
He hears, He sees and He responds.
Your appointed time will surely come, wait patiently for it.

I wish you a blessed and a successful day.
May all your plans and dreams come true.

Tshepang Pule

Irish Tshepang "PuleSir" Pule is a thought leader, creative and inspirational writer. A passionate and dedicated leader in youth and community development with a personal vision to "inspire people to live their lives to the fullest by using their talents, skills, creative and innovative minds."