Agape Youth Movement prides itself with one of its own, Mrs Marensia Marensia Khosi-Bhebe who has successfully completed a National Diploma in Sports Management and graduated this Wednesday morning at the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT).

As an organisation, our vision is to strive for a capacitated and empowered youth who participate in the positive transformation of Africa. We believe in leaders who are educated and qualified to lead the movement to greater heights. As such, Marensia has made education more fashionable in the movement.

The CEO of the organisation Mr Thabang Ramoroka accompanied the family of Marensia to the graduation ceremony.

“Marensia worked so hard to obtain this qualification. In 2017, her June exams clashed with the 3rd Annual Tshwane Youth Leadership Talk, but Marensia decided to dedicate her time to the movement towards the successful execution of what many deem as ‘one of the biggest events of the organisation'”, stated the CEO.

“Even when the event was demanding of her energy and time, she went on to push without giving up and still passed with flying colours. We are proud and feel blessed to have such a great and selfless leader in the organisation”, he added.

Matsetsebale Tleane
Agape Youth Movement
Corporate Communications Director
+27 71 248 8012
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Twitter: @OfficialAYM IG: officialaym


Change of Date and Times for The 4th Annual Tshwane Youth Leadership Talk

Colleagues, members of the movement and participants of the Annual Tshwane Youth Leadership Talk, we wish to announce the change of date and time for the 4th Annual Tshwane Youth Leadership Talk.

The new date, times and venue are as follows:
Date: Friday 22 June 2018
Times: 5:30pm – 9pm
Venue: National Library of South Africa (NLSA), Pretoria

Formal invitations to youth organisations/structures and confirmation of all speakers will be communicated by the end of April 2018. Further information will be communicated on this and other platforms.

Please visit www.aym.org.za/blog or http://ylt.aym.org.za for news and updates within the organisation.

Matsetsebale Tleane
Corporate Communications Director
+27 71 248 8012


AYM’S Pule Sir Joins Madibeng FM

It is with great honour to announce that one of our own leaders Mr Tshepang Pule better known by thousands as Pule Sir who joined a Brits North West community station – Madibeng FM as both content producer and presenter for “The Early Birds” show from 3-6 in the morning.
It was 2013 when I told Mr Pule that he has an incredible voice for radio and that his talent and passion to inspire and inform definitely belongs on the radio waves. Pule Sir never took that for granted, he worked hard to better his craft and today we celebrate his achievement with him. This is the beginning of many opportunities in the media space.
I have had the pleasure of working Pule on the #BeyondInspiration project and launched it in 2015. The book has been touching thousands of lives across the country. He is one of the most trustworthy, effective, dedicated, very punctual and efficient leaders I’ve ever worked with.
You can agree with me that media is one of the important sectors of the society that influences opinions and shapes views of the masses. Thus, we need powerful and influential young people who are going to bring back the dignity and pride of out beautiful country with excellency.
This year is a year of maximisation and as a growing movement, we are excited to see one of our own taking over in the media space. Our leaders not only preach excellency, but they also lead by example.
As Pule Sir adds yet another title in his profile, we take pride in the work he has done for the movement over the years. The daily inspirational content we receive on our social media platforms and our newsletters are results of his hard work.
We trust that God is lifting him up to greater heights.
Don’t forget to tune into to Madibeng fm 105.3 or visit www.madibengfm.co.za to listen online.
#Maximise2017 #TheMoveIsOn #AgentsOfChange


Thuto Bohlale Leadership Seminar

On Friday 30 June 2017, we visited Thuto Bohlale Secondary School in Nellmapius (East of Pretoria) to support their Leadership Seminar organised by RCL Learner-Leaders under the leadership of a young and brilliant young lady by the name of Omphile Mogashane who was also part of the 3rd Annual Tshwane Youth Leadership Talk that took place on the 24th of June 2017 at UNISA.

The fully-packed programme featured addresses from various leaders in both the school and community, poetry performances, choral music performances, panel discussion and a keynote address by our CEO – Abuti Rams.

RCL leaders from other schools also were in attendance of this first leadership seminar to give their support for the initiative done by Thuto Bohlale.

One of Agape Youth Movement’s objectives is to provide youth leadership skills and capacitate the youth to engage meaningfully with societal issues and devise their own solutions. In achieving this mandate, we have initiated a programmed called #Moetapele Learner-Leadership in 2015. Part of this programmes is to support learner-leaders with relevant leadership skills and material in order to better represent their peers and also play a pivotal role in the success of the school.

We continue to give structured support to this and many other programmes within schools to capacitate learner-leaders.

A big thank you to the organisers for inviting us to the school and also to the principals for allowing us to work with the learners.

The move is on…



We were made aware earlier today of a post circulating on social media (primarily on Facebook) by a gentleman called Gabriel Malose who doesn’t understand why should one pay R200 to attend the Tshwane Youth Leadership Talk (TYLT). I felt that it was very important for us as a movement to give clarity on this matter.
Since inception, our organisation – Agape Youth Movement(AYM) has been supported by various and most innovative means of fundraising. Through all our 25 initiatives, we were able to self-fund our programmes. This ranges from car wash campaigns (2011-2012), gospel concerts, to even advanced fund-raising strategies such as rendering services under our NPC structure and using the profits to impact thousands of lives across South Africa.
Let me make it clear to everyone that our organisation is self-funded (since 2009) and does not receive any donations from global organisations. The success of the organisation’s programmes lies with the amazing social capital (human resources) we have acquired over the years. The brilliant young men and women who work tirelessly and selflessly by contributing their skills towards the development of their communities, is what sets us apart from other organisations in South Africa that are funded by bother international and local funders. Also, we have created strategic partnerships with other development agencies and organisations who believe in our vision – striving for a capacitated and empowered youth who participate in the positive transformation of Africa.
The Annual Tshwane Youth Leadership Talks are phase one of an award-winning and innovative Learner-leader intervention within rural schools called #Moetapele which is endorsed by the national Department of Basic Education. This programme is fully-funded by AYM. Amid the current leadership crisis and the loud cry for a new breed of leadership, #Moetapele was designed and piloted by a group of industry experts during 2015 with efforts to combat and ultimately eradicate the leadership crisis we have in this country.
All the contributions from the public (in any form) are channelled towards financing the programme to run within Limpopo and Gauteng (emphases added throughout).
When you [the participant] pay a minimum INVESTMENT FEE of R200, you are indirectly financing the development of a new breed of leaders who will create real change this country is yearning for. Also, note that the event is a gathering of young thought leaders. It is a dialogue to engage and equip our brains with powerful content from incredible leaders and industry experta who have/are contributing to the positive transformation of this country. It is for this reason that we call your contribution ‘an investment’ for you and other young people in South Africa.
We are grateful to every person who has supported this programme since 2015. Continue to support us as we continue to develop exceptional leaders who will create impeccable change within our society.
As our mission states, we are a youth-led organisation implementing programmes aimed at previously disadvantaged youth in South African townships and rural areas. Our programmes seek to capacitate and empower the youth with relevant skills using innovative tools. We do this by;
– Making youth aware of their own potential and the role they can play in transforming society for the better;
– Provide youth leadership skills and capacitate the youth to engage meaningfully with societal issues and devise their own solutions.
– Provide structured support to the capacitated youth leaders in their endeavours; and
– Facilitate mutual support and mentoring of youth-based organisations.
We invite you to be part of the 3rd Annual Tshwane Youth Leadership Talk taking place on the 24th of June 2017 at the ZK Matthews Great Hall in UNISA. Do visit www.tylt.aym.org.za to know more about this important youth leadership talk and how to be part of it.
Thank you for your support! May God continue to bless you as you continue to support us in our quest to unlock a new breed of leaders in our society.
Issued by Thabang Ramoroka (Abuti Rams)
Chief Empowerment Officer (CEO)
Agape Youth Movement NPC/NPO



This is to inform you that due to circumstances the date of the Tshwane Youth Leadership Talk, youth dialogue event, changed from Friday 23rd June 2017, to Saturday the 24th June 2017. However, the Fundraising Gala Dinner will still take place on Friday evening, the 23rd June 2017.
This is primarily due to high school examinations that will still be in process on the Friday of the 23rd June. For full attendance, it was advisable to move the event to a Saturday.
The agenda is still the same and we apologize for any inconvenience caused by this.
Thank you and please contact us for any assistance.
Matsetsebale Tleane
Communications Director
Agape Youth Movement (AYM)
+27 12 771 4705


Agape Youth Movement (AYM) enters into a 3 year partnership with Junior Chamber International (JCI) Tshwane

On 6 April 2017, Agape Youth Movement (AYM) and Junior Chamber International (JCI) Tshwane entered into a formal partnership. In alignment with Objective 3 (Provide, with partners,  a peer support and mentorship platform for youth-based organisations and institutions. See www.aym.org.za/about) of the organisation and youth entrepreneurship development programmes (see www.aym.org.za/business), AYM officially entered into a three (3)  year strategic partnership with JCI Tshwane. The partnership is formed on the following objectives:

  • Organisational Awareness (both offline and online)
  • Youth Entrepreneurship Programmes
  • Events

Co-founder and CEO of AYM – Mr Thabang Ramoroka (Abuti Rams), emphasised the importance of creating partnerships for youth development especially in the youth entrepreneurship space. “Having worked with JCI Tshwane informally in 2013 under the leadership of Mr Ndzimeni (former JCI Tshwane President), it is fitting for us to enter into a formal agreement which will benefit both organisations and ultimately increase  our collective impact within youth entrepreneurship development. AYM will further connect JCI Tshwane with its other resource and strategic partners within Tshwane. Surely this will strengthen the work of youth development, not only in Tshwane but to the rest of the country.”, he emphasised.

Central to our youth entrepreneurship development programmes’ goals and objectives, our intention is to become an entrepreneurial engine, fueling entrepreneurs and businesses by presenting opportunities to learn, network and leverage off each other’s knowledge, resources and enthusiasm.

AYM and JCI Tshwane will endeavour to inform its membership and stakeholders about either organisation to foster an environment where its stakeholders and companies support and cooperate with both organisations.


#PowerTalks Back with A BANG!

We are happy to announce that our weekly #PowerTalks are back with a BANG. Catch the first edition in 2017 on the 6th of March 2017 from 7am. Visit www.aym.org.za/powertalks to be part of our mailing list.

Please note that you will also have them on our website on www.aym.org.za/category/power-talks

For more information, email powertalk@aym.org.za


Get Your Empowerment on our platform

Agape Youth Movement (AYM) is giving you an opportunity as an organiser to publish and promote your youth empowerment event on our Events Portal. All you need to do is to simply send us an email on events@aym.org.za with the following:

  • Name of event
  • Event Organiser (s)
  • Date (s) of the event
  • Time (s) of the event
  • Venue of the event
  • Poster of the event


Tshwane Youth Leadership Talk 2016

Media Release

For immediate release

2nd Annual Tshwane Youth Leadership Talk

Theme:  The 1976 of 2016.

2016 marks the 40th anniversary of the Youth Uprisings in 1976, a symbol of youth leadership in the South African history. In celebrating the anniversary, Agape Youth Movement (AYM) in collaboration with the National Library of South Africa (NLSA) and the City of Tshwane, will host their 2nd Annual Tshwane Youth Leadership Talk (TYLT).

TYLT is a dialogue with youth leaders, a platform to discuss youth leadership with a special focus on youth development. This programme aims to capacitate the youth, within institutions of learning, with elements of leadership. The youth needs consciousness of the struggle of their generation. The event programme features panel discussions by prominent South African Youth Leaders and high school RCL members, keynote address under the theme: The 1976 of 2016.

The TYLT is an initiative and element of a learner-leader programme that provides learners in leadership positions with leadership training and mentorship in high schools, with an aim to create a platform on which learners can understand their high school challenges, the role they could play and be mentored in implementing solutions.

With that said, we would like to invite you for media coverage of the 40 Years Commemoration of the Youth Uprisings in 1976 at our event, through pre and post-event profiling.

The programme will feature a keynote address by the Deputy Minister of Department of Basic Education – Honourable Enver Surty and the CEO of the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) – Mr Khathutshelo Ramukumba followed by two panel discussions with future leaders on the role they could play to better the education system.


Event Details

Date:                           25 June 2016

Venue:                        National Library of South Africa (NLSA) Main Hall

Address:                     75 Thabo Sehume Street, Pretoria 0001

GPS Co-Ordinates: -25.742686, 28.189628,15

Time:                          8:30am – 4pm

Promo Video:                        https://youtu.be/u4SETK-HjXQ

Hashtag:                     #TYLT2016


Issued by Agape Youth Movement

For more information, please contact:

Leon Makhadi

Media Liaison Officer

Phone: 076 011 3382

Email: makhaditl@aym.org.za

Media Accreditation Form: www.aym.org.za/tylt#media

Website: www.aym.org.za

Twitter: @OfficialAYM

Instagram: officialaym

Facebook: Agape Youth Movement (www.fb.com/OfficialAYM)


About Agape Youth Movement

Agape Youth Movement is an award-winning and most innovative youth-led Non-Profit Company (NPC), with an aim to own the challenges of youth in South Africa and work alongside government and private sector to bring innovative social solutions.

The organization was established in 2009 by a group of young visionaries within Gauteng and today it has extended its impact to numerous provinces in South Africa. It has five focus areas in Education, Entrepreneurship, Green Economy, Arts and Culture and Social Development.

Over the years, AYM has demonstrated its proficiency of successfully and cost-effectively organising local economic development, active citizenry and educational programmes that are purposefully harmonized with the organisation’s five (5) cardinal pillars (www.aym.org.za/pillars) and overall vision of advocating for youth and community development.

With the growing impact that the organisation is creating in various communities across all the nine provinces of South Africa and the large pool of young people following us on major media platforms and subscribing to our newsletters on a daily basis ranging from 16 to 35 years of age, it goes without saying that the organisation remains one of the most fastest growing youth-led organisations in South Africa. This is because we are attracting and developing a cohort of young leaders in our generation.

Visit www.aym.org.za to read more about Agape Youth Movement.